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Hello WiMAX360 Memebers

To improve all aspects of WiMAX360 please provide us with any ideas you think would be useful for this network. A few ideas that come to mind are:

WiMAX360 Member Locator - A better way to find other WiMAX360 members

Private Chat - Chat privately with other members

WiMAX360 Marketplace - a section where WiMAX companies, consultants etc. can showcase their products and services. Like everyone I am tired of seeing spam on this network.

WiMAX RFP Center - Post your WiMAX RFP in this private group/section.

WiMAX Training - More and better WiMAX training courses.

We welcome all ideas..

Mike Wolleben

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Hi Michael What about a video conferencing feature or vid web cast. Where a topic can be discussed on a schedule. list the subject for that week day and time. And we can subscribe if its a topic that interest us Thanks Kobe
the question is who would show up on 360. We have done webinars many times on wimax.com with a good response. Typically sponsored based. Someone will need to provide the topic, content etc. and we would need an audience to make worthwhile.

I'd like to see a "search" bar to find specific topics. There are so many discussions that its become hard to find old topics. Also, Many questions are being asked that have already been answered, but are buried.

Great point - I will see what i can do

Thanks Ted

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