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About WiMax/UMTS Qos/Throughput (video streaming) on Opnet?

Hi all,

Is there anyone who is doing WiMax/UMTS video streaming on Opnet?
Hi all,

i am doing comparison of QoS/Throughput of UMTS
and WiMax for my thesis. So i am using Opnet for simulate BE
vs rtPS users rate to get MAX Throughput and Service Flow
priority for both UMTS and WiMax. I have found one brilliant
publication of your WiMax video streaming thesis from your
university site. My main request and problem is my simulation
is not working well so i have few question's to clarify on
Opnet configuration, so can you help me on that?

and if there any other related MODELs please let me know!

Tags: opnet, qos, streaming, throughput, umts, video, wimax

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i am also working on internetworking between umts and wimax. if u ve any idea or model regarding this please send to my mail. mohamedisrath@gmail.com

Im simulating on Opnet Modeler my project "QoS WiMAX Layer 3 using Intserv", and Im just learning how to manage Opnet Modeler, I read the IP and WiMAX Opnet user guide.

I need to map Layer 3 QoS(Intserv) with Layer 2 QoS (WiMAX QoS native), and I just do not know how to map between layers in Opnet. I read in a paper a mapping rule as follows:

IP Layer--------------------------------MAC Layer

Guaratee Service(GS)--------------->Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS)
Controlled Load(CL)----------------->Real Time Polling Service(rTPS)
Best Effort(EF)----------------------> Best Effort(EF)

Somebody can help me with that?

I'd apprecitate your help


Any new deveopments on "WiMax/UMTS Qos/Throughput (video streaming) on Opnet"?
Is there anyone who is doing  video streaming on Opnet over wimax for Handover between two BS? if you have any idea or model regarding this please send to my mail. alfin_h21@yahoo.com

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