Hi Everyone


I wondered if you could clear up a couple of questions for me? I am writing an assignment for University of WiMAX and have done some reading/research on the subject and have read various things that seem to contradict what i've read elsewhere.


The main question that i'm confused on is:


Is fixed WiMAX to be used as a last mile technology in the home, whilst mobile WiMAX is a competitor to 3G and will mainly be used on mobile phones/cell phones? 


If a town had a WiMAX trial of 802.16e, does that mean that they would be able to use it in their homes as well, or is it literally just for mobile phones?


Sorry if these are really basic questions, but a lot of the literature i've read is rather vague...




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What is the University of WiMAX?
Sorry, it was supposed to say i'm writing an essay for university ON wimax.

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