Dear All,

We have a project requiring WiMAX Base Stations at 2.3 GHz. Can anyone point me towards vendors manufacturing WiMAX in this frequency?

Thank you in advance


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16e or 16d?


Yes, RuggedCom (now Siemens) offers the RuggedMAX product at 2.3 Ghz. This is a 4W, 802.16e base station, with filters available for FCC compliance as needed. RuggedCom also manufacturers the CPE themselves and all product are designed for harsh environments. Model is the WiN7023 base station and WiN5223 or WiN5123 on the CPE side.
Attached is a photo of the RuggedMAX 2.3GHz base station

Hi Micheal,

Alvarion and Huawei have Wimax for 2.3GHz, infact, I handled the deployment for Mobitel in 2010 using Alvarion Breezemax BTS (Wimax).

Hi, David,

Alvarion has solutions in 2.3GHz for both 16d and 16e based offerings.

Please share your contact details for sharing the relevant literature


Deepak Gupta

My previous company is running 2.3 GHz Wimax,16d, and e right now. They are using Alvarion, Huawei, and Zte. Vendors tailor made the equipments for them, so not to worry about the band.


Hi, EUCAST can provide 2.3 GHz 16e equipments.

Please visit


Hello David,

I am CEO at Wimax Polska and we are WISP from Poland. I can help you with Wimax equipments based on my 10 years experience in wireless solutions market.



Hi David, 

PureWave makes a mobile WiMAX base station in 2.3GHz. It is an 802.16e base station, with 6 antennas and up to 2W per antenna. There is more information on the website: or you can contact me and I can send you more information directly and put you in contact with the PureWave representative for Europe, based in the UK. 



My Name is Giorgi Chitaishvili working for MAXIMALI, Vtel Georgia, wimax operator in Georgia.

Based on our latest experience, the best quility product offer we received was from company called Airspan. They have WIMAX equipment which has possibility to migrate to LTE if needed in future and based on our test the average real sector throughput is around 40 mgps on 10 Mhz, which is very good rate I is the link: 

You can contact to Aviat networks.

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