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About 4G360

A Growing Online Community of 11,000+ 4G, LTE & WiMAX Professionals

Finding reliable and reputable information about 4G and LTE technology from an industry professional’s perspective can be challenging. As you’ve probably seen for yourself, the vast majority of 4G informational sites tend to cater to the needs of consumers, and not network technicians, engineers, business managers or 4G consulting specialists.

I created the original WiMAX360 forum as an information hub for professionals in the 4G industry. Over the years, it’s grown into so much more:

  • A community where 4G professionals share their knowledge and expertise regularly
  • A 4G LTE business hub where people looking to buy, sell or trade equipment can find business partners around the world.
  • A learning platform with access to whitepapers, webinars, news articles and more – all focused on practical knowledge for the business and technical side of 4G
  • An employment center, with an active 4G job board for professionals in every sector of the industry.

In short, 4G360 is a thriving community that is focused on the success of its members.

Today we’re over 11,000 members strong on this site alone, and still growing as more 4G professionals discover 4G360.com and make themselves at home.

It’s members just like you who make-up the core value of the 4G360 community and and we encourage you to participate in the many ways we have available for you to get help, grow your brand, or do business globally.

Join us at 4G360 and make your job easier by connecting with 4G professionals from across the globe who share in your passion and commitment to success.

To your success,

Michael Wolleben - Owner, 4G360

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