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Google looks to LTE and Wi-Fi to fulfil YouTube dream

Google looks to LTE and Wi-Fi to fulfil YouTube dream

By Peter White, Principal Analyst Wi-Fi and digital multimedia

Periodic rumors that Google is set to become a mobile operator, or at least an MVNO, have surfaced again, this time with reports that it will lease LTE capacity from Verizon or Sprint to supplement its investments in Wi-Fi and…


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Could Vodafone be Softbank’s next target?

Could Vodafone be Softbank’s next target?

By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Maravedis-Rethink

AT&T was assumed to be a likely predator for Vodafone, once the UK-based giant was divorced from its US joint venture with Verizon. That break-up makes Vodafone somewhat smaller and more digestible for a bidder, as well as removing conflicts of…


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4G360 Free Webinar - The convergence of WiMAX and LTE – Learn where it stands today

As WiMAX and TDD LTE technologies converge, many telecom operators are seeking to expand their device ecosystem to include LTE. They are faced with supporting a transition to LTE at a rate that supports their business, based on their existing infrastructure, topology and economics.

With the recent formation of a strong,…


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AT&T Adds 4G LTE Coverage to 19 New Networks

Good news for small town AT&T users: the telecommunications giant announced recently that it would be rolling out high-speed 4G LTE coverage to a whole slew of new networks. All told, the coverage expansion will span 19 new networks in eight different states, and will bring AT&T’s burgeoning number of 4G LTE United States networks to over 500. Undoubtedly, the move will help to flesh out parts of AT&T’s coverage map – which has been displayed recently in a not-so-flattering light…


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Are 4G-connected Cars the Next Big Mobile Innovation?

With 4G networks expanding their geographic reach and smartphone technology getting better and better, it seems as if most of the big developments in networking technology may have already been spent. Or at least, it did seem that way until this week, when Continental, a German-based company that designs, manufactures, and supplies equipment for automotive companies, announced that it was planning on developing 4G LTE connectivity technologies for cars themselves.

That’s right, a 4G…


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EE Drops New Phone, Touts it as Cheapest 4G Option in the U.K.

EE may be the largest mobile network provider in the United Kingdom, but it hasn’t gotten there by consistently providing customers with the most affordable telecommunications options out there. On the contrary, one of the biggest faults to EE’s reputation is and has long been the company’s failure to provide affordable services of any sort – specifically in the 4G LTE networking genre. However, despite its reputation for offering overpriced 4G mobile plans to customers, EE is now claiming…


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4G Expands to New Global Markets, 5G Looms on the Horizon

Big improvements are on the way for the mobile networking community, both for the immediate future and the long-term. In the former category, LIME – a mobile telecommunications company that operates in Caribbean territories like Barbados, Dominica, and the Cayman Islands – recently announced plans to bring improved 4G technologies to its customers in Jamaica. The company recently transported a bulk shipment of upgrade equipment to the island and will soon set to work revamping existing cell…


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How to Keep Your Mobile Network Data Usage in Check

When you’re paying a monthly bill to use a mobile network, it can be a strong motivation to make sure you are always getting the most out of your network. If you are paying for unlimited call and text, you want to be making it count. However, the other part of your bill – the data usage part – is what you are going to need to keep an eye on as you go through the month. It used to be that mobile users counted minutes on their phone calls, or conserved text…


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An Alternative Path to LTE: Introducing a Non-Disruptive Evolution from WiMAX

Hello 4G360 Members, 

Here is an invitation to a fantastic Webinar on April 2nd. We have 2 time slots to choose from for flexibility. I hope you can join us. 

As WiMAX technology has evolved over the past decade, operators have been seeking the most practical paths to move from one technological generation to another, while limiting the impact such moves have on their budget,…


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O3 thinks SDN could revolutionize MVNO approach

By the Maravedis-Rethink RAN team

This month, a group of Japanese companies has provided a progress update on the O3 (Open Innovation Over Network Platforms) R&D project, which aims to develop an SDN platform for carrier wide area…


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Russia's LTE market set to boom, despite failed central initiatives

By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Maravedis-Rethink

Russia's LTE market is developing rapidly and will provide a major opportunity for equipment vendors this year, though 4G is rolling out in a very different pattern from that…


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Public Safety LTE Market Drivers 2014: Why Public Safety LTE and Why Now?

While LMR systems have effectively support mission-critical voice and low-bandwidth data applications for many years, they fail to provide the high-speed data performance necessary to support the multimedia applications on which today’s Public Safety agencies increasingly rely upon.  

Mind Commerce projects Public Safety LTE subscriptions to reach more than 994,000 by year end 2014 in its report,…


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Top 3 4G LTE Smartphones for 2014

A few years ago, 4G LTE network coverage was just beginning to emerge in the smartphone market, and when it did appear, it was scattershot and unreliable. Nowadays, almost every smartphone worth buying has 4G functionality, and almost every mobile carrier has built its 4G LTE network into a robust, high-speed network that you can count on. In other words, 2014 might well prove to be the golden age for 4G, making it the perfect time for those with older phones to…


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Vodafone Builds Personal Mobile Network Pack for Natural Disaster Situations

The Vodafone Foundation wants to keep mobile network users online in the case of a natural disaster. The humanitarian communications organization recently revealed a new prototypical product that could make mobile networks accessible in the wake of a typhoon, a nuclear attack, a catastrophic earthquake, or some other sort of disaster situation. The technology fits into a backpack and is easy to transport and use – making it possible for users to make phone…


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Company Rebuilds Samsung Galaxy S2 into Privacy-Minded Behemoth

We’d all like to think that our mobile networks are completely secure, whether from hackers looking to steal our payment information or from government agents snooping our texts and emails. Unfortunately, the fact is that mobile networks these days are huge sprawling things, and that size sometimes can give way to security breaches. In other words, you have to know that by using a mobile network – or especially…


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4G Speeds in the United States Can’t Compete with Other Parts of the World

America may seem like the leader in mobile technology, if only because Apple is a domestic company and has produced the majority of the most important mobile technologies of the past decade. However, according to a recent study from…


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Search of a Outdoor LTE Module supplier.


I´m interested in contact Outdoor LTE Module Supplier. (printed circuit and the antenna)

The metal base that will hold the printed circuit and outer plastic casing will be produced locally. That´s the general idea.

Technical aspects are:


TD-LTE (Long Term Evolution) 3GPP Release 8.

Band 41 (2496 ~2690MHz) TDD

BW: 10 MHz & 20 MHz

AC Power 220 V 50/60 Hz

Power Specification: PoE 802.3 a/f

Please, contact me at…


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The Business Case for VoLTE: Dialable VoIP vs. OTT Voice Services

There are many reasons for justifying Voice over LTE (VoLTE) beyond the obvious efficiencies for voice services.  Some of the business case drivers include:

  • Revenue retention
  • Preparation/foundation for RCS
  • HDTV and HD voice services
  • Next Generation Apps (Augmented Reality and others)
  • Small carrier opportunities (roamers and vacation spots)

Arguably, the biggest driver is simply “Diable VoIP”.

First of all, what is…


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Self Organizing Networks: Moving Beyond 3G and Optimized with LTE

The LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) consists of the eNodeB (the Base Station), and its interfaces and network elements connected to the core network. In 3GPP Release 8 standards, operators have specific requirements for simplifying eNodeB deployment and reducing operational cost, resulting in the concept of Self-Optimized Networks (SONs).

The Mind Commerce report, Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Challenges…


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Public Safety LTE Update

Wireless broadband is essential for addressing mission-critical needs requiring high data throughput for applications such as video surveillance, automated vehicle license plate recognition, biometric identification, mobile crime scene units and mobile incident command, geospatial information systems, automated vehicle location and more.

While LMR systems have effectively support mission-critical voice and low-bandwidth data applications for many years, they fail to provide the…


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