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Engineering our Wireless Future according to Paul Jacobs CEO of Qualcomm & Arun Sarin x-CEO of Vodafone

During the two presentations and panel session that followed, WiMAX was NOT mentioned once- not even for the developing countries/ regions  LTE and 3G were talked about quite a bit.  Qualcomm believes that 3G buildouts will increase dramatically in developing countries.  Read more at:



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AT&T and T-Mobile deal appears to be Dead- Will Help Sprint Compete!

The expected demise of the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger will have a postive impact on Sprint as they will not have competition from a 1,000 pound gorilla. 

But will that help WiMAX in any way, shape or form?  It all depends on how fast Sprint can deploy its Network Vision with combined 3G (EVDO) and LTE.  There are NO plans for Sprint to deploy WiMax as part of Network Vision, so they will be 100% dependent on Clearwire and CLEAR 4G for that technology.  For WiMax fans, there is nothing…


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My March prediction:AT&T,T-mobile & FCC

Here is what I wrote on my March blog, Regarding the FCC and the DOJ.

This news of AT&T purchasing T-mobile , is news. Here is what really happens. The…


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WiMAX Forum Operator Summit - Cape Town

Just got back from a fantastic Operator Summit we hosted in Cape Town, South Africa.  I loaded some of the pics on WiMAX 360,  We had a full day of panels with excellent topics on the agenda.  Some of the topics included Operator Case Studies, AAA, Backhaul, Raising Money and Building WiMAX Networks from scratch. 

We plan to host 8 other events in 2012 - Buenos Aires, Jordan, Montreal, Taipei, Lisbon, Dhaka, Cape Town

If you are a WiMAX Operator or Vendor interested in…


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Imagine WiMAX Theme Song

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Clearwire May Not Make Debt Payment due on Dec 1, 2011

Clearwire is weighing whether to make a big debt payment that comes due in two weeks, a decision that could prove a turning point for a company that had hoped to cover the country with wireless broadband service. Failure to make the payment could raise concerns about whether the company can stay out of bankruptcy court.

The $237 million payment is due Dec. 1.…


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Sharp Introduces 7 Inch WiMAX Tablet

Go here for more Info

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WiMAX offers Potential for Broadband Access in Africa

"For a continent like Africa… broadband doesn't exist, fibre doesn't exist, backhaul doesn't exist and it's in the really early stages," Dr Mohammad Shakouri, vice president of Alvarion in the WiMax Forum told News24 in Capetown, South Africa.

"From the perspective of the actual activity, we see that market noises from the press and the big mobile operators are all about LTE [Long Term Evolution]."   He said that the LTE standard would take a long time to develop, and that it would…


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What is Abundance

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IEEE 802.16 WG Nov 2011 Meeting Report

IEEE 802.16's Session #76 was held on 7-10 November 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This was an IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session and co-located with sessions of the other IEEE 802 Working Groups and Technical Advisory Groups. 71. delegates attended this meeting.


Updated Project Authorizations

Following review in the IEEE 802 process, the IEEE 802 Executive Committee…


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