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Sprint Network Finally Retaliates Against AT&T’s Prosaic Claims

AT&T’s (NYSE: T) Apple iPhone and Sprint’s (NYSE:S) Instinct touch phone is not the only rivalry brewing between these two foremost cellular networks.

AT&T has been bullying Sprint for a long time now, trying to prevent the Sprint and Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) union from merging both of their assets… Continue

Added by Ari Zoldan on August 11, 2008 at 10:11am — 2 Comments

SPRINT quits Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance- negative impact on merging WiMAX and LTE

The major wireless network operators are determined to ensure that future broadband wireless technologies are optimized for their commercial needs. The most powerful body coordinating the operators' activities is the NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks) Alliance. It numbers 18 carrier members and works with a wide range of other bodies. When it was first formed, it seemed to be a force for unity across the industry, able to support more than one access network technology, and bring… Continue

Added by Alan J Weissberger on July 30, 2008 at 9:30pm — No Comments

WiMax Empire Poses Continual Threat to AT&T Network

AT&T (NYSE: T) Phone Company is once again challenging the merger of Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) with Clearwire (NYSE: CLWR), whose aim is to merge both companies' WiMax assets in order to create a nationwide broadband wireless network.

This merger would be huge for Wimax, estimating a deal worth 14. 5 billion… Continue

Added by Ari Zoldan on July 29, 2008 at 4:31pm — 1 Comment

Clearwire Testing WiMAX in Oregon with IDT Spectrum

The Sprint-Clearwire deal gave Clearwire undeniable credibility in WiMAX development, and the company is moving forward with the technology in a big way. Beta tests are underway in Portland, with “more than 70 percent of [the] WiMAX sites for Portland…in construction or on air.”…


Added by Ari Zoldan on July 11, 2008 at 5:00pm — No Comments

Maravedis WiMAX Counts Webinar + Roundup of related WiMAX market articles

You can read my summary report of this excellent Maravedis webinar at:


We also noted Pyramid Research tracking WiMAX in emerging market countries and researching WiMAX business models. If interested you need to register on their website: www.pyramidresearch.com

These Analyst Insights are excerpts from Pyramid Research's upcoming report WiMAX in Emerging Markets:… Continue

Added by Alan J Weissberger on July 9, 2008 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

Mobile WiMax is Being Buried Alive?

WiMax news has been dominated by a London research firm’s recent announcement that mobile WiMax might be dead on arrival.

“Recent events have been unfavourable toward Mobile WiMAX,” says Frost & Sullivan’s Programme Manager Luke Thomas, referring to Sprint’s delayed deployment of its commercial WiMax network. The firm then focuses on the two aspects of mobile…


Added by Ari Zoldan on June 25, 2008 at 4:34pm — 3 Comments

Motorola is among first vendors to achieve certification for MIMO 2.5 GHz Mobile WiMAX(TM) products

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, June 17, 2008 Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that its WiMAX WAP 25400 base station has achieved the WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) seal of approval by passing required interoperability and conformance tests as outlined by the WiMAX Forum. This milestone achievement, announced by the WiMAX Forum at its Global Congress event in Amsterdam, places Motorola among the first companies to have its 2.5GHz WiMAX products earn this new stamp of approval for completing tests… Continue

Added by Dan Callahan on June 17, 2008 at 11:17am — No Comments

WiMAX Patent Pool Planned by Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Sprint Nextel Corp., Alcatel-Lucent and Clearwire Corp.,

Computerworld and WSJ articles state that several WiMAX stakeholders plan to jointly license patents that cover WiMAX technology in an attempt to limit royalty fees that could deter customers from using it. The group of six, now known as the Open Patent Alliance (OPA), wants to make IPR costs predictable so that the WiMAX ecosystem will grow.

Larry Goldstein, a patent lawyer who wrote a book on patent pools, said the WiMax group could reduce the number of licensing deals to be… Continue

Added by Alan J Weissberger on June 10, 2008 at 11:00am — No Comments

Comcast CEO Roberts reveals its Strategey for investing in Sprint Clearwire

The $ 1 Billion investment in the Sprint-Clearwire JV goes down to a simple demo where the comcast team witnessed unblemished video delivery while travelling in a car at 50 miler per hour. The video quality, which remained unaffected as the vehicle sped past multiple base stations with smooth handovers and the fact that this spectular delivery can be supported by over 150 MHz of Spectrum was all that remained to make a final decision. Mobile Broadcasting with… Continue

Added by Amitabh Kumar on May 30, 2008 at 12:46am — No Comments

LTE vs WiMAX: SPRINT CTO attacks LTE, but admits WiMAX harder to deploy then thought

This WiMax vs LTE battle is getting to be like the US Democratic Presidential race. Thankfully, there has been an absence of mud sligging...till now???

Sprint CTO Barry West went on the offensive against LTE proponents during a keynote at the Wireless Communications Association conference in Washington, D.C. yesterday: "As many of you may know I became a U.S. citizen a few years ago, which has since given me time to think on the events of 1776. I wonder if the founders of this… Continue

Added by Alan J Weissberger on April 23, 2008 at 10:14pm — 8 Comments

India Needs to Wake up to the Mobile WiMAX Reality

The WiMAX signals emanating from India are indeed strong, with companies such as Tata Communications committing $ 500 million on the rollouts. Companies in India such as Telsima are also technology suppliers worldwide.

However the present rollouts in India are mostly based on Fixed WiMAX in the 3.4-3.6 GHz bands. The reality however is that virtually all new rollouts are now happening with Mobile WiMAX in 2.5 or 2.3 GHz bands. Mobile WiMAX technology is vastly superior with features such… Continue

Added by Amitabh Kumar on April 22, 2008 at 7:44am — No Comments

Mobile WiMAX: Updates from NAB 2008

NAB has not been a fora where wireless or WiMAX technologies take centre stage. This privilege is normally associated with events such as the WiMAX Forum World Congress, CTIA wireless or CES. Of late, with the broadcasting moving to the digital domain and the convergence technologies such as IPTV being the theme ( i.e. at NAB 2008) and mobile TV attracting extraordinary interest, operators attention has also been attracted to the new technologies. In the NAB, keynote speakers have also… Continue

Added by Amitabh Kumar on April 22, 2008 at 7:42am — No Comments

Will LTE Become Mired in Intellectual Property Wars?

Will LTE Become Mired in Intellectual Property Wars?

Six LTE vendors have agreed to an IPR licensing scheme amongst them, but three other vendors aren’t participating in this agreement?

Fierce Wireless reports on the press release from Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Ericsson, Nokia, NextWave Wireless and Nokia that reveals an agreed upon frame work for the… Continue

Added by Tim Sanders on April 17, 2008 at 12:30pm — No Comments

New WiMAX 3.65GHz Map Tool

Check out the real 3.65Ghz WiMAX Look Up tool at:



If you are looking to deploy WiMAX gear in the 3.65GHz Range in the United Sates, by now you've heard of the Exclusion / Permission zones.

The problem we found was that there was no quick, easy way to do a look up a by zip or city name or GPS cord to see where your tower or… Continue

Added by Airpacket on March 18, 2008 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

WiMAX as the Top Wireless trend for 2008

WiMAX as the Top Wireless Trend for 2008

Fortune has named WiMAX as the top ten wireless trend for 2008.The naming of WiMAX as the top wireless trend for 2008 has not come as a surprise to industry watchers. A number of developments, happening in their own areas are now coming together to deliver the promise of a completely new mobile wireless experience, the first in over a decade. There are no less than ten reasons, which we foresee today, which are likely to make this prediction… Continue

Added by Amitabh Kumar on February 18, 2008 at 11:55pm — No Comments

Sprint And Clearwirewire coming together again for WiMAX?

Sprint and Clearwire coming together again?

The deal if it goes through will give a new dimension to mobile WiMAX in the US and perhaps in parts of Europe. Embroiled as they are in the 700 MHz spectrum auction, the companies have bid over $19 Billion for 700 MHz spectrum, which has just now been declared as one for which certification profiles" will be announced" by the WiMAX forum. However Sprint and Clearwire can sew together virtually all of the mobile WiMAX spectrum in the… Continue

Added by Amitabh Kumar on February 18, 2008 at 11:31pm — 1 Comment

International Conference on Investment Opportunities in Iran's Telecom Sector

The first international conference on Investment Opportunities in Iran's Telecom Sector will be held on 16th of January, 2008 in Tehran, Iran.

According to the Iran's telecom market and imminent changes in telecom sector, the conference will focus on the following aspects:…


Added by Ali Saghaeian on January 11, 2008 at 6:30am — No Comments

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