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A Tale of Two Very Different Spectrum Auctions – Bangladesh and Taiwan

Dianne Northfield, VP Research, Tolaga Research

A review of recent spectrum auctions in Bangladesh and Taiwan attests to significant differences in outcomes due to country specific market conditions and auction provisions. There was limited competition in Bangladesh’s single band 3G spectrum auction – with 4 bidders vying for 4 licenses. Prices paid for spectrum were only…


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MasTec’s Data Cell, NSORO, what next? I like what they are doing...

MasTec’s Data Cell, NSORO, what next? I like what they are doing. This will help clean up the mess caused by the heated race to hire thousands of contractors and diluting the Gene Pool.

MasTec’s Data Cell Systems acquisition swells their LTE install capabilities

April 29, 2013 – Today’s LTE crew demands not only mirror, but eclipse the inability for the nation’s service…


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LTE workforce shortage is no laughing matter...but I am laughing at this article! So true...a bit profane but true.

LTE workforce shortage evokes

laughs in Hitler "Downfall" parody

March 27, 2013 - The 2004 critically acclaimed movie "Downfall", a film about Adolph Hitler's last days and inner circle, has been used hundreds of times for…


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Is anyone looking for Axxcelera WiMAX 3.65GHz equipment?

Is anyone looking for Axxcelera WiMAX 3.65GHz equipment?

I have access to 12 ExcelMAX Base Station and AP Antennas and over 300 WiMAX CPE all in 100% working condition.

This is a "feeler" and not a hard sell. This network is currently up and fully operational. It will be getting a complete change out to an LTE RAN so the 300+ business' currently on Axxcelera will be migrated over a 30-day period.

Talk to me Goose!



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Many times when a new technology emerges a rather heated debate arises. Not too long ago in the wireless broadband industry, the camps representing WiMAX and LTE did not miss the opportunity to advocate for their respective views and sharing potential benefits of their standpoints against the other. Over time, when arguments and feelings calm down a bit, a more sensible discussion can emerge and I think we’ve entered this now.

Making the “right” technology choices is always high on…


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WiMAX in Emerging Markets

Developing markets have their own unique needs when it comes to delivering broadband connectivity. Unlike markets where telecommunications may have been progressing at a quick pace for some time, developing areas frequently have limited infrastructure, limited options for financial transactions between people and enterprises, fewer resources dedicated to deployment and maintenance, and possibly location-specific challenges with regard to terrain. 

Today, developing markets are seen in…


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WiMAX Showing Renewed Potential and Capabilities

By Dr. Ching-Tarng Hsieh and Dr. Kristy Sha

Highlighting to illustrate crucial lessons and concrete knowledge for profitable WiMAX businesses, executives gathered at WiMAX Asia 2012 to share encouraging insights and successful business cases, making it one of the most fruitful events on WiMAX…


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Carrier-Grade Service using Wi-Fi Over WiMAX

At the end of my previous post, I touched on the opportunity for existing WiMAX operators to take a role in the current quest to provide high-capacity network services for 3G and Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Consider this: a residential suburb close to a large metropolitan area with limited broadband options today. This is typically one of the locations where the cellular networks providing 3G services are running into capacity congestions, particularly…


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The Future of WiMAX

Close to six years have passed since Aptilo Networks decided to put a serious effort into the WiMAX market as a provider of back-office support systems. Back in those days, WiMAX was very much touted in media and by analysts as the technology to challenge the cellular industry dominance/hegemony. With hindsight, most of us in the business realized that this was never the real beauty and purpose of this new technology but of course happily tagged along for various reasons.



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The WiMAX Forum® Announces WiMAX Caribbean 2012

The WiMAX Forum is pleased to announce WiMAX Caribbean 2012, to be held at the Hyatt Regency…


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The WiMAX Forum® Announces WiMAX Asia 2012


The WiMAX Forum is pleased to announce WiMAX Asia 2012, to be held at the Regent Taipei on June 6 – 7th, will  focus on the development and future roadmap of WiMAX technology, and on  paving a path for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. The goal of …


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WiMAX Forum® Announces the WiMAX for Smart Grid 2012 Event

Event to be Co-Located with UTC Telecom…


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WiMAX Forum South Asia Conference 2012 concludes successfully

Sustainable growth possible with convergence of industries through WiMAX Broadband


Islamabad, Pakistan - April 3, 2012: – The WiMAX Forum, the global body that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products, hosted the South Asia Conference 2012 at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. The event was held under the patronage of the country's regulatory body, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and…


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The WiMAX Forum® Welcomes General Electric, Hitachi, NewNet Communications Technologies, Wateen Telecom and YTL Communications to its Board of Directors

Waikoloa, HI, USA – March 21st, 2012 – The WiMAX Forum today announced the addition of five new members to its Board of Directors: Tom Mueller, General Manager, Digital Energy – Communications, General Electric; Shoichi Hanatani, General Manager, Hitachi; Scott Morrison, Executive Vice President and President, Telecom Infrastructure Business Unit, NewNet Communication Technologies; Naeem Zamindar, CEO, Wateen Telecom; Ali Tabassi, COO, YTL Communications. All five companies…


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WiMAX Forum® Announces WiMAX South Asia 2012

Summit endorsed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and Wateen Telecom

Portland, Oregon, USA – March 14th, 2012 – Today the WiMAX Forum announced the next in its 2012 series of Operator Summits, WiMAX South Asia 2012, to be held at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan April 2 – 3rd.  This event, officially…


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WiMAX Buenos Aires a Success in Latin America

Beaverton, OR – February 8th, 2012 – WiMAX Buenos Aires, the first WiMAX Forum Operator Summit event for 2012, was a success. The event drew more than 65 attendees including 14 operators to discuss the opportunities for WiMAX in Latin America.

“WiMAX Buenos Aires was an…


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Woe is 3G


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Arthur Gives Us the 411 on Wi-Fi

The following post has been written by our very own Arthur G. Giftakis, Vice President of Engineering and Network Operations at Towerstream. Arthur has played an extremely important role in designing and implementing our technology over the last 10 years. Arthur will be creating a series of guest blog posts exploring the idea of ‘mobile offloading’. Please feel free to let us know all thoughts, comments and feedback.


Jeff Thompson,… Continue

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How Businesses Can Better Float in the Cloud

This week, I guest blogged for Technically Philly, Philadelphia’s online source for news, people, companies, and events that affect their growing technology community. Towerstream began providing service in Philadelphia in December 2009, and we’re enthusiastic to become more involved…


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