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I think with the recent news of the CEO of Clear stepping down, and clear abandon their 4G smart phone, and as google is a major player in the 4G space. Google should pick the ball up and run with it, as they are a partner of the clear brand, and need to protect their investment.

They also have the resourses, and funding to finish what clear started, where this 4G smart phone is concerned. I know they have asperations of being the new phone company of tomorrow, which is happening today. Google should take over, and build this device. They are in the business of smart phones. And what a great path for them to move. This would scare the heck out of all the carriers in the wireless arena.

This should also cause a major shift in the device consumer market that would gain traction rapidly. Google you are the only one, already involved that can, and should pull this off. A perfect path for your gmail chat, and google voice, and android platform. And if you don't think consumers will cause a stampede to get at this device, i think you would be wrong. As consumers are tired of the monopolys dictating through data caps, overage charges, minute rates, and just to darn expensive. This will make google the king of 4G period.

That would be my two cents on the matter.

But wow would that shake things up a bit.

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Comment by Kobe Wadsworth on January 8, 2011 at 11:01pm

I know why this could not work for google. As their Android operating system has crossed over to all major carriers, and devices, well except for the one, from apple. this would not be a popular move, as this could cost them there dominence in the device market.


They could become quite dominent in the phone business, well more dominent. All of the carriers might see Google as a majot threat, and stop using there android devices on their networks, as google would cause this ripple effect throughout the telcom industry with a device that could change all things mobile.


Here is the brillient part to this blog. Google would become the largest phone company almost over night, and would not have had to build the first cell tower, or have any headaches over the massive amount's of cash, and the constant upgrades, and buildouts, and the massive amounts of advertising dollars, and employes, and so on.


The other phone carriers would be wondering where their subscribers are going. And google would have made  the smartest decission they could have ever made. And that is whats called a disruptive technology. Consumers will find this new love for google, more of a savings to their wallets then any other reason. The service would only cost 30,00 a month, with no data caps. Free voice, video, and data. One charge, broadband.


Consumers need a break from the minute monopolys that have controlled their life for far to long. We are at the crossroads where 4G is the comunication of tomorrow. And the voice networks are doing every thing possible to keep their grip on the airwaves.


This part is to help the consumer understand what this 4G means for them. When you have a device, and you want say only a voice plan, and the carrier says you have to have data also, there is the problem, and where the monopoly persist. Or the flip side of the coin, and you may want only data, not gunna happen.


So 4G is only data, one charge, no voice plan, one bill, broadband. And your able to do voice, video, data. And that is a savings of about 70,00 dollars a month from those over priced plans. And no overage charges.

It's really that simple. So why no 4G only phone yet. There is more to the story, i'm just not sure who to blame as of now.


I will say that by the looks of things, it would appear that we are at this time where this technology is ready to break out, and go fast forward, and there are things at work here that are crushing it's path in it's forward direction. And with Craig McCraw stepping down from clear, their is more here that meets the eye.


So Google with the problems going on in the 4G space, I think you should buy Clear, build this device, and put an end to the madness, once and for all.



Comment by Kobe Wadsworth on March 23, 2011 at 12:06am

Well so this is not totally what i had in mind google, but we are getting our feet in the door here. Three months after i wrote the blog above, where I was asking that google build this device for the 4G network, or Clear, a stand alone 4G only device, they are moving right along with the path to this becoming a reality.


There new device Nexus s 4G, from google and Samsung, that will be available by spring on the now network, or Sprint. They are working with some of my advice here, and integrating google voice within the sprint network. Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available for smartphones. Only took three month's to get this to become a reality, and only 4 months away for till luanch. Here is a link to the press from Sprint.


First Pure Google 4G Device with Android 2.3 in the U.S., Nexus S 4...

Comment by Kobe Wadsworth on October 19, 2011 at 10:59pm

I felt it was time for an update to this blog. Since I wrote this "Google Look Here" blog where I was saying to google they should enter the 4G space, since they are a stake holder in the Clear brand.

Not only have they intered the 4G space, they have brought their own device to market,  bought Motorola mobility. It was just the right play at the right time. Google is the new AT&T, only on a data network, and on a global scale, and mobile. And google never had to build their first tower. Now this is how 4G gets done.




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