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I wrote a blog in January about T-Mobile would be going with a wimax dual mode solution to their network.Less than 24 Hours later this press from Android os. And this brings us to today, with this press release from WSJ, about a possible merger with Sprint and T-Mobile.

And I will call this merger the new super network. And  the math of the number 3 Sprint, and number 4 T-mobile adds up to the number 1 network. I think if this merger takes shape, the number one and two will have their work cut out for them. Of course I'm talking about A&T and Verizon.

These predictions come to me quite clear. T-Mobile needed more spectrum, and Sprint and clear has a surplus of this invisible real estate. Their is no other option for t-Mobile, their is no spectrum available that covers the US. Sprint and Clear have enough spectrum to build 3 more wireless networks. And T-Mobile needs to be competitive going forward.

The only part missing is collaboration, and a dual mode device. And this device is comming.

Let us not forget that Clear is a big part of this merger.


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Tags: Sprint-t-mobile, t-mobile-wimax

Comment by shayisaac on March 21, 2011 at 11:00pm
Seems like there is so much issues with the spectrum used in US ... hurm.


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