wi-cam an affordable tool for Device Management

wi-cam Improving Customer QoE


Delivering a competitive wireless broadband service in today’s data hungry environment is an enormous technical, operational & business challenge for WiMAX service providers. To reduce customer churn operators must be able to offer their services with the best user experience and customer care. Quality of Experience (QoE) in data service depends on many aspects. Our experience, at wi-tribe, indicates that most of the customer complaints relate to the user environment (viruses, wrong configurations etc. in user computers) and not to the network. A tool that allows a Call Center Agent to monitor the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) can make it fairly simple to conclude if a customer complaint is related to the user or the network. Such a tool would log and analyze CPE device behavior; information that can be used for optimizing the network for improving Customer QoE. In fulfilling these demands Wi-Tribe Pakistan took the initiative and developed state of the art tool (wi-CAM) for managing all types of WiMAX customer end devices. This tool has enabled wi-tribe to optimize its network experience and reduce customer complaint resolution time at the Call Center. This tool has been a competitive advantage for wi-tribe. Since June 2012 the tool has been developed into a product with its first international deployment in wi-tribe, Philippines.


What is wi-cam:

Figure 1-wi-cam based on TR069 Protocol

wi-cam is a low cost, CPE Operation and Management System developed by wi-tribe Pakistan. It is a standards based solution for provisioning, configuration and management of TR-069 and OMA DM (Open Mobile Alliance Device Management) compliant devices. The tool provides real time access of customer device performance KPIs to Call Center Agents and NOC Engineers. This enables the customer care teams to resolve customer problems in real time. The tool also provides different reports on CPE KPIs that enable comparative analysis of different CPE types and give an overall view of network performance from subscribers’ perspective.  Statistical reports can be used to optimize network and device performance to improve QoE.

How can you get wi-CAM?

If you are interested in deploying wi-CAM in your network please contact

waqas.asghar@pk.wi-tribe.com, Ph.: +92-3458885164





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