WiMAX As The Best Solution With Outdoor CPE

Optimizing Cell Edge Coverage Of Suburban/Rural Deployment with WiMAX Outdoor CPE.

Wireless broadband operators constantly face challenges of balancing the economics to deploy a robust and reliable wireless broadband service in suburban-rural areas or at cell-edges. This paper in retrospect functions to further solidify the technological advantage of WiMAX, where it explores and proof the concept of suburban-rural deployment through the optimal pairing of a proper CPE strategy. It also shows the best solution for suburban-rural area and cell-edge performance can be extended four times through deployment via outdoor CPEs.

Find out more about the technical and implementation advantages of an outdoor CPE solution, including the concept of antenna gain, transmission power, integrated POE design and environment-proof enclosure; and the effective advantage of Line of Sight performance and decreased penetration loss amongst other features of an outdoor CPE.

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Tags: cpe, outdoor, wimax


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