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For the past 8 years, WiMAX360 & LTE360 have been resources to share ideas and information on WiMAX,LTE and next-generation wireless broadband technologies. Based on feedback and in order to maintain our high level of standards, we have recently established a set of membership and content guidelines.

These guidelines were created to better define the purpose of WiMAX360 & LTE360. Our goal is to not inhibit discussions of the community, but rather provide a basic level of standards to ensure a better experience for all members. Theses guidelines will continue to evolve and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Mike Wolleben
Owner, WiMAX360.com & LTE360.com

Guidelines for Membership

• WiMAX360 & LTE360 are online social communites created for industry professionals involved in all aspects of WiMAX, LTE and next generation wireless broadband technologies. Membership is open to professionals from semiconductor companies, hardware manufactures, software developers, application providers, system integrators, operators, industry verticals, and regulatory and other decision makers. Researchers and students actively involved in WiMAX/LTE/4G projects are invited to join as well as end-users with actual experience on WiMAX & LTE networks.

• When requesting to join WiMAX360 & LTE360, prospective members must fill out ALL profile questions for WiMAX360/LTE360 in order to be considered membership. Incomplete requests will be denied.

Guidelines for Posting Blogs & Forum Questions

• WiMAX360 & LTE360 are communities for the discussion of WiMAX, LTE and next generation wireless broadband technologies. All topics must pertain to WiMAX, LTE, 4G or other wireless technologies. All other content including PICTURES & VIDEOS must also be WiMAX, LTE and or wireless related.

• Please post in the appropriate section. BLOG POSTS are to be used for opinions and perspectives. The FORUM section is for questions to the community.

• The intent of th WiMAX360 & LTE360 communities is to be an EXCHANGE of ideas. We recognize that a  percentage of WiMAX360 & LTE360 members are students that are doing research projects or a thesis related to broadband wireless. Members requesting to be sent complete “unpublished studies” for research projects is not the intent of WiMAX360 & LTE360.

• Posts that are ADVERTISEMENTS or pure PRESS RELEASES are not permitted in the BLOG and FORUM sections and should instead be forwarded to mwolleben@wimax360.com  for consideration. Members, however, may reference news, services offered, companies, events, etc., but must do so in the context of providing an opinion, perspective or some other useful information to the WiMAX360/LTE360 community.

• Posts and Discussion should only be posted once. Titles should be descriptive to facilitate indexing and foster comments by other members. Titles should not contain excessive punctuation (i.e. “!!!)

• WiMAX360/LTE360 reserves the right to remove any content that does not meet this criteria and to delete any member that refuses to follow these guidelines. Members must be respectful of others views and may not abuse, harass, threaten, or intimidate other members or use WiMAX360/LTE360 for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

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