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At 5:38pm on April 16, 2007, Viken said…

I looking some information about WiMax. I can have only some theoritical information. But now, I'm looking for some experiment. I wonder, if you have test WiMax in your country. If it's the case, can you give me your impress? Do you have high rate (how much?)?
Thanks for all the information.

At 9:45pm on April 17, 2007, Tulga said…
Hehe. i'm theoritcal too, still waiting, what do u do? profession? where r u from?
At 8:06am on June 4, 2007, Noufal Koya said…
what is your actual experience with WiMax, and how many vendors equipment have you used to date?
At 4:09pm on June 5, 2007, Viken said…
Ok I understand your situation. I see all your questions in the forum. May be are you interested also in the telecommunication. Good luck for your research. Viken
At 2:05am on June 6, 2007, Waleed Hosny said…
Hi Tulga, Wi-LAN (EION Wireless Now) is the vendor for the Pre-WiMAX network in Libya.
At 5:04am on June 6, 2007, Joe Yeung said…
Hi Tugla, thanks the invite.
At 5:04pm on June 6, 2007, Viken said…
Ok, non problem I save your e-mail. Thanks lot.
At 2:48am on August 7, 2007, Vladimir Radovic said…
Hi. Tulga. No i am not related with Alvarion just with WiMAX in generaly.
At 1:20pm on August 13, 2007, Arturo Nieto said…
Hi tulga !!
I hope we can share theoritcal Information.
At 8:12pm on August 26, 2007, Frank Ohrtman said…

PTT is like police or military radio. Every one is on the same frequency. Just "push" the button on the handset and you can "talk" to everyone who is listening on that frequency.
At 2:11am on September 5, 2007, riverstreamer said…
Hi / I updated my profile to show primary information about myself. Please inform me if you see lack in it :-)
Indeed I'm new in wimax and i'm searching for good & kind expert friends to get their help in my familaring with Wimax.
Please let me know if it's possible that we be in contact and leave me your ID on MSN or YM or ICQ.Thanks
Yours/ riverstreamer
At 10:09am on September 8, 2007, riverstreamer said…
Hi my friend / Have you ever worked with Wimax Planning tools such as Planet EV? Do you know the most famous and strongest softwares in Planning wimax, specially in Radio network planning? Have you ever worked with them? Thanks for your reply.
At 10:03am on September 9, 2007, Zahraa Alhassan said…
hello tugla,
how r u?
I'm Zahra'a. 23 years old. Sudanese, living in Sudan.
i'm about to start my Msc at University Technology Petronas-Malaysia. I've choosed Wimax as main topic but i need a scope to focus on. i need yor help Please. can u help me?
At 10:08am on September 9, 2007, Zahraa Alhassan said…
At 5:06am on September 18, 2007, Petar Bozukov said…
Hi, Tulga !!! Nice to have you as my frend :)
At 7:16am on September 18, 2007, Petar Bozukov said…
greetings, again! This is where you can write me petar.bozukov@gmail.com
At 5:37am on October 4, 2007, Kishan Singh rawat said…
Hi Tulga,
I am fine what about you.what is your role in wimax.which part of wimax you responsible in your company
At 8:36pm on November 20, 2007, Gere said…
Hi Tulga,

Stop by. Dont forget to try our WiMAX service when u have chanced travel to Cambodia!
At 10:34pm on December 3, 2007, Shin, Chang Min said…
Hi. Tulga
NIce to meet you..
I hope you get a lot of things in this community.

Bye. Tommy
At 11:26am on December 11, 2007, Ali Shakeel Mir said…
hi tulga
how are u man
thanks for dropping message

so i like this website as its give me a lot of information of Wimax

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